A Versatile Product Range for Food manufacturers  

Catermix has been set up some 20 years ago to provide functional food ingredients to the food manufacturers mainly manufacturing bakery products. For last two decades Catermix has been manufacturing multi functional premixes for baked sweet and savoury products under trade name such as Appletex, Fruitex, Meatex and Pizzatop. As we understood while listening our customers that the flavour has the most immediate and lasting impact on consumer choices; so for sweet pie / crumble filling, we make sure that the product such as Appletex and Fruitex, not only incorporate freeze thaw stability, an anti boil out property but also enhance the natural flavour as well as appearance and texture of the fruits pie filling. Our product Meatex such as traditional gravy, Tikka, Italian, Szechwan, Thai Red or green and Mexican Mole would do the same for savoury pie filling. Now we have expanded our services to offer various ingredients such as:


  • Primary thickeners such as various native flours, native starches, modified starches     
  • Functional gum base thickeners either based on natural products, modified cellulose or biogum such as Xanthan gum      
  • Gelling agents based on natural products or bio gums. 

      Functional Thickeners

  • Gravy powder and granules
  • Filling or savoury and sweet pies and pasties      
  •  Filling mix for custard tart, cheese cake and similar products      
  • Bakery glazes 
  • Stabiliser systems for vegetarian products 
  • Stabiliser for restructured meat / poultry / fish products
  • Integrated Stabiliser/emulsifier systems for Ice Cream
  • Stabiliser systems for cultured dairy products 

       Spices & Herbs

  • Whole spices
  • Coarse spice 
  • Fine ground powder spices.gif
  • Whole dried herbs
  • Kibbled herbs
  • Ground herbs  


  • Indian such as Balti masala, Korma masala, varied sort of Garam masala
  • Latin American Mexican, Creole, Cajun 
  • South Asian
  • Mediterranean
  • Middle Eastern
  • Chinese

      Marinade & Sauces

  • Dry marinade for meat / poultry / fish
  • Wet marinade for meat / poultry / fish
  • Cooking sauce